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The Blocknet

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Decentralized Application Platform via Xbridge technology

This website is created to allow easy maintenance for the BlocknetDX nodes. More information regarding BlocknetDX can be found here: Blocknet
As the BlocknetDX is designed to work as a decentralized exchange, the most important part of the DEX support are the wallets.

What this website does:
Have a central page were the latest wallets are shown.
Currently the tickers are fetched from CoinGecko but will change in the future. For the tickers where an symbol icon is shown, this indicates that this ticker is a token and therefore is not having an own wallet.
When clicking on the ticker name, you will be directed to the detail overview of that ticker.
When clicking on the version, you will be directed to the last known download location. This can vary per currency.
For version tracking, the information is pulled from Github where possible. When this is not possible, the version tracking is manual. As some teams create no release, the commits of such a team is also tracked.
For showing the OS support of a wallet, this is done by looking at the text: win, lin, osx in the text. Some teams do not use this text in their releases so these wallets need to be maintained manually.

DX related tabs:
As the information is based on all sorts of information around the BlocknetDX dex, different sorts of support pages are found here.
A calculator to calculate the value between any coin found on CoinGecko. This allows dex traders estimate whether their offering or biddings are close to marketprice or far off.
An overview of all active nodes in the dex network. This allows node owners to see whether their node is running or down and also shows more details per node.
A voting page where funding can be voted for.
A revenue calculation sheet. This sheet will show details on either staking or owning a node and what revenue to expect.
New wallet search allows you to search for any wallet when it was added to this website.
A DX generator for setting up either a node or a local DEX.

Logging on:
Once logged on, additional features are available.
Create your own wallet collection when using a node or DEX. This feature will also trigger automated e-mails notifying you when a new version of your local wallets is available. The same e-mail also notifies when specific setting for the DEX have changed.
Also, you will have access to statistic pages and an activity tracker used for tracking website development.

This website does not use 3rd party tracking cookies as there is no commercial incentive behind this website. The website is also built in such a way that the least amount of information is stored to prevent connecting your physical location to any funds or nodes you have. Still, it is advised to use ProtonMail or a special e-mail account and a unique user-id / password when using this website as there is need to store the IP address for abuse prevention.