Getting Started

The Blocknet

The Internet Of Blockchains


Decentralized Application Platform via Xbridge technology

Different types of wallet usages
There are 4 ways of using the BlocknetDX wallet.
1a. A local wallet to store your amount of Block locked.
1b. A service node where the service node acts as a verification system between all cross crypto currency communication.
2. A local staking wallet to store your amount of Block.
3. A cross crypto currency trading system where the trading system is a part of.

1. Node hardware requirements
A Blocknet node consists out of two parts. 1a part is holding 5000 BLOCK while 1b is connecting all foreign wallets.
Blocknet Node

Node 1a hardware requirements
Node 1b hardware requirements

2. Staking hardware requirements
-To be filled-

3. Trading hardware requirements
-To be filled-