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Decentralized Application Platform via Xbridge technology

(To use this option you will need to login. The login is needed to be able to store your compiled list of wallets and send you updates when new versions have been released for your wallets.)

What can you expect?
First of all you will see a landing page

At the top of the page you will see a link called : Need Help. This links to the demonstration videos currently available on how to set-up a blocknetDX from scratch.
When clicking on New Node you will be directed to the page where you can set the name and type of the node you want to install (currently only Windows DX or Linux headless Snode)

Once Saved you will get to a page where all supported wallets are selected for you and you only need to finetune the wallet software a project has made available for you

To skip this and combining your own portfolio, please use the menu function 'Maintain Your Node(s)'

This will bring you back to the node maintenance menu where you can select 'New' which you just came from, 'Maintain' to create and maintain you portfolio, 'Extend' where you can chose the specific software, 'Script' where you can copy paste the auto generated install scripts including how to use them, 'Xrouter' where you can setup your xrouter based on your portfolio, 'Rename' so you can change the name of your node and 'Clear/Delete' to either remove the entire protfolio or delete the cleared out node

When entering the Maintain option you will see all wallets currently working with blocknet. When changing the filter on top you will also see other projects with their versioning on Github. You can select versions while they have no supported Linux software available on github. This is made available when you want to use the code outside of this website.

When selecting the version, keep an eye out on the software indicator. This tells you if the project has prepared software and made it available for installation

As this website is to help but not force you to make a choice, all versions have a preselection but might not be the best to your liking. So before saving, check all software before saving.

Once Saved, the script page starts of with general scripts of instructions. It is best to just go through them the first time to see what they offer.

Below these general scripts and instructions you will find the installation scripts per coin. In this example the BASH scripts for the Linux headless Snode

At the bottom of the page you will find a combined script for all the wallets in your portfolio based on the latest version you selected (latest as in after you have done maintenance and selected a different version of that wallet)

Once you have installed all but want to make changes or newer releases have been created. (Because you stored your portfolio on the website using an email account, the system will send email updates to you when a new release has been found. Check your user preferences for the correct setting)
A new release will be highlighted in the node maintenance by using different colours (green = nothing changed, orange = possible update, Red = Version tracking issue, Black = not usable, Blue = new entry)

When fixing the issue in Maintain, the Extend will help you further on showing what you will need to do with similar colours

When you made changes, you can then select the latest changes by using the pull down menu. This will only show wallets on or after the change you made making delta updates a lot easier

The other options you have on the script page are :
- Hide individual scripts = Hide the per coin scripts making the page shorter
- Hide combined scripts = Hide the full install script at the end of the page
- Add addnode information = The website also collects known working connections for supported projects. You can check this button to help synch your wallets after installation
- Generate passwords = This replaces the static passwords in the .conf files to unique passwords. This password generation is a combination based on user related info, the key you entered, the coin you selected and additional salting
- (Linux) add install script = To add the files automaticall to /usr/local/bin. Oterwise it will only download and extract

Further more : Some technical knowledge is still needed. You need to be able to recognize which script you need to run and understand what it is doing. To make it more easy would mean closed source which is a security risk from my perspective.