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2018-03-06 04:44:29 ishk1YesYes# Bitcoin Private Daemon and Client

**This contains the Bitcoin Private daemon and CLI tools. [Click here]( for the Desktop GUI Wallet.**

- Added checkpoints for significantly faster sync times
- Difficulty is now calculated based on legacy powLimit value (should look more like other Equihash coins)


For Linux, it is recommended to compile and run by following the instructions [here](

For Windows:

- Run `fetch-parameters.bat`, and wait for the download to complete.

- Run `start_wallet_cli.bat`. You can use `cli_prompt.bat` for RPC commands.

- **Use `stop_wallet_cli.bat` to close the wallet. Otherwise, you might corrupt your chainstate!**

### Your wallet file is located at -

**Windows:** `%APPDATA%\BTCPrivate\wallet.dat`

**Mac:** `~/Library/Application Support/BTCPrivate/wallet.dat`

**Linux:** `~/.btcprivate/wallet.dat`


**To download the BTC snapshot data (optional):**
`curl | tar xvz`

**To collect your own snapshot (very optional):**


SHA256 = 0c05de10efe341718babe81d78e096a53d7f9039a715b4a5414892150751007f

SHA256 = 2cfb94996c7bac68a35fce8426fc957de9faeff7cbc1a664db9dd98a4b8f59b2

SHA256 = 715e75df57e32a3a90c2aca556c04f99f53764e7b5a597923950b00f78fd8a76

SHA256 = `openssl sha -sha256 filename`