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2018-04-28 03:16:22 ishk1YesYes# Bitcoin Private Daemon

**This contains the Bitcoin Private daemon and CLI tools. [Click here]( for the Desktop GUI Wallet.**

- added backup dnsseed

**For Linux**, it is recommended to compile and run by following the instructions [here](

**For Windows:**

- Run `fetch-params.bat`, and wait for the download to complete.

- To start the wallet, run `start_wallet_cli.bat`. You can use `cli_prompt.bat` for RPC commands.

- **Use `stop_wallet_cli.bat` to close the wallet. Otherwise, you might corrupt your chainstate!** If corruption occurs, use `clean_blockchain.bat` to delete the corrupted blockchain.

*For Mac:*

- Run `./` in terminal, and wait for the download to complete before running btcpd

- To start the wallet, run `./btcpd` in terminal.

### Your wallet file is located at -

**Windows:** `%APPDATA%\BTCPrivate\wallet.dat`

**Mac:** `~/Library/Application Support/BTCPrivate/wallet.dat`

**Linux:** `~/.btcprivate/wallet.dat`


**To download the BTC snapshot data (optional):**
`curl | tar xvz`

**To collect your own snapshot (very optional):**


SHA256 = f0c5b06899216475429abb5d77a83587748d1b86daf3d0c8f0f6857cb571c116

SHA256 = 129574c76653f7f15c97085f2a90898433c08f6a8ebe4ca5def3a88d17327abc

SHA256 = 23cc30e2638c465421dea0eff52627d6a4deae120cc8d853f27dcc70c72e1407

SHA256 = 1da5a8a8f76f123c692c185c6e53be38cd07d880ecb65d8ce497cab901b931ac

To verify, run:
`openssl sha256 FILENAME`

(or on Windows):
`certutil -hashfile FILENAME SHA256`

(or on Mac):
`shasum -a 256 FILENAME`