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User comment(s) for version : v6.2.2

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2018-07-13 16:03:09 ishk1YesYesThe IoP Blockchain client version *6.2.2* is now available. Please read the whole announcement carefully.

News for v6.2.0

We are proud to announce a complete redesign of the IoP Core wallet.
You can now buy IOP directly from inside the wallet software thanks to our collaboration with Indacoin.

We also implemented an automatic update check on startup, so you will be notified of all future updates.

News for v6.2.2
Official Ubuntu 18.04 package

Fixed a bug in the update check routine
Fixed some faulty icon rendering

Known Issues
Toolbar icons still render imperfectly
Scaling to HiDPI displays on Linux is broken. To work around it, start the program with `QT_SCALE_FACTOR=2 iop-qt` or equivalently.
We received feedback about some possible UI improvements. Stay tuned!

The correct version for your OS
If you are using Windows, you should most probably download the `iop-core-6.2.2-win64-setup-unsigned.exe`. If you are using a somwhat older computer, you might need to use `iop-core-6.2.2-win32-setup-unsigned.exe` file. To find out if your computer is capable of running 64-bit software, right-click on the Windows icon on the left of the taskbar and click on "System"|. A new window will open and you will find the Information under "System Type". After you downloaded the appropriate file, run it to install the IoP Core wallet.

macOS users should download `iop-core-6.2.2-osx-unsigned.dmg`. To install, mount the image file by double-clicking. A new window will open and you can drag the application onto your Applications folder.

Ubuntu users can use the `iop-core_6.2.2-ubuntuXXXX_amd64.deb` file, appropriately named for your version of Ubuntu. To install, open a terminal in the folder containing the downloaded file and run `dpkg -i iop-core_6.2.2-ubuntuXXXX_amd64.deb`. If you have problems starting the program afterwards, please run `sudo apt-get install -f`.

If you are on another version of Linux or a 32-bit system, please download the static binaries contained in `iop-core-6.2.2-i686-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz`. Extract the archive to a location of your choice and possibly add it to your PATH variable.

Power Users might also want to download the relevant archive file for their operating system, which contain the command-line version of the IoP software. The rest of the `.tar.gz` files are intended for uncommon architectures and are untested, feedback is appreciated.

Naming Scheme

The binaries are `iopd`, `iop-cli`, `iop-tx` and `iop-qt`, while the Windows and macOS executables are `iop-qt.exe` and ``, respectively. The configuration file is called `iop.conf`.

The default data directory for both the command line and the Qt Wallet is

- `~/.iop` on Linux,
- `%APPDATA%\IoP` on Windows, and
- `~/Library/Application Support/IoP` on macOS.

The Qt Wallet (**NOT** the command line utilities) will pick up your previously used data directory.

Upgrading from *v5.0.1* or below

This is a new major version release, including new features, various bugfixes
and performance improvements, as well as updated translations. See below for more information.
We have decided to drop the *IoP HD* name in favor of completely replacing the old client.
This software will from now on be referred to as **IoP Core**.

While the consensus of the blockchain stays the same, the structure of the data directory **does not**. Therefore, **a full reindex of the blockchain is necessary** (see below for instructions). Additionally, the naming scheme of both executables and data files has been streamlined a bit, as detailed above.

Removing all previous *IoP HD* or `iop-blockchain` packages is recommended to prevent possible confusion, but is not strictly necessary. Please be aware that you cannot use both v5.0.1 and v6.0.0 interchangeably with the same data directory.

A full reindex of the blockchain is necessary if you upgrade from *v5.0.1* or below. The recommended procedure is as follows:
- make a full backup of your data directory and then move it somewhere else.
- create a new directory at the default location for your platform, containing only a copy of the files `wallet.dat` and (if applicable) `iop.conf`.
- start the software.