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User comment(s) for version : v2.6.0

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2018-05-23 13:56:04 ishk1YesYes


To speed up the process of syncing your Kalkulus wallet with the blockchain, you can use a KLKS official and updated bootstrap that contains the latest blockchain information needed to have your wallet synced and up-to-date.
Simply download the file bootstrap.zip in your klks system folder and unzip the content.
The file contains folders Blocks, Chainstate, and the file peers.dat, that should replace your original files and folders.
Remember: Always backup your files and folders before making any deletion, overwriting or other changes.


To get an updated and recent node list, go to the following link and click on "node list":
Copy the table contents and paste it into your klks.conf file, save and restart the wallet.

Mandatory Update

This is a mandatory update due to an exploit that allowed to an attacker to mint more coins than designed in POS rewards table.

With this release we forked the old chain at block height 70815, and we did a rollback to that block. All clients running an old wallet version on the old blockchain will be rejected.

Users updating from a previous version will require a full resync of their local blockchain.

How to Upgrade

For a complete and detailed guide on how to update/replace yur wallet please read the update page on our official website

Please report bugs using the issue tracker at github:


Thanks to everyone who directly contributed to this release:

  • Bumba

  • CraveNG