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User comment(s) for version : v2.8.0

TimestampUser NameWallet OwnerWorking WalletComment
2019-02-07 11:25:21 ishk1YesYesKalkulus client last version is now available from: https://github.com/kalkulusteam/klks/releases
This version release include a fix for a potential vulnerability plus other small bug fixes, as reported in changelog.
To perform update:
- download and replace the new client version
- backup your system folder
- Launch the new client
Protocol will be enforced the 18th of February, after that date all 2.7.0 peers will be disconnected from network.

Changelog 2.8.0:

- Fixed "Stake Spent Vulnerability" bug that allow to a potential attacker to fill disk/memory
- Fix OSX GUI deployment
- Fixed Governance Budget rewards allocation
- Fixed some small typos
- Updated protocol version to 80013
The protocol will be enforced the 18th of February, after that date all old version of clients will be automatically disconnected from the network.

Please report bugs using the issue tracker at github: https://github.com/kalkulusteam/klks/issues


To speed up the process of syncing your Kalkulus wallet with the blockchain, you can use a KLKS official and updated bootstrap that contains the latest blockchain information needed to have your wallet synced and up-to-date.
Simply download the file bootstrap.zip in your klks system folder and unzip the content.
The file contains folders Blocks, Chainstate, and the file peers.dat, that should replace your original files and folders.
Remember: Always backup your files and folders before making any deletion, overwriting or other changes.