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Decentralized Application Platform via Xbridge technology

User comment(s) for version : v1.4

TimestampUser NameWallet OwnerWorking WalletComment
2018-03-11 22:19:04 ishk1YesYes[neblio-Qt] - Added button to open the Neblio data folder on the debug window
[neblio-Qt] - Added the option to import a wallet.dat backup into the current wallet
[neblio-Qt] - Removed '-000' at the end of a copied TX ID
[neblio-Qt] - Added an update notifier that checks for new updates periodically and notifies the user
[neblio-Qt] - Alert user to take a backup every time the wallet.dat file changes
[neblio-Qt] - Safeguard against sending UTXOs that contain NTP1 tokens to avoid burning them
[all] - Fixes needed for re-launching testnet

To upgrade, as always simply replace your current .exe/.app/binary with the one downloaded from this page, or re-run the NEBL-Pi installer if you are on a RPi.