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User comment(s) for version : v1.5.1

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2018-07-07 04:14:02 ishk1YesYes**Major:**
v1.5.1 of neblio-Qt and nebliod will hard-fork to perform a network upgrade (**on testnet only**) at block 110100 (approximately Aug 1st 2018). If you run a testnet node or wallet, you **MUST** upgrade to version 1.5.1 before the fork or you will be unable to connect to the network.

The hard-fork to activate the same network upgrade on mainnet will be scheduled in late-Q3/early-Q4.
More details here:

**Other Changes:**
[neblio-Qt] - Added auto-complete for debug console commands
[all] - **Many** Unit Test and Continuous Integration Upgrades (less bugs)
[all] - OpenSSL 1.1 Support Added
[all] - Logging system revamped
[all] - Minor Bug Fixes

**To upgrade:**
1) Backup your wallet.
2) Simply replace your current .exe/.app/binary with the one downloaded from this page, or re-run the NEBL-Pi installer if you are on a RPi.