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User comment(s) for version : v1.3.1

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2018-07-06 23:38:07 ishk1YesYes# Polis 1.3.1 Release Announcement
We are very glad to announce the 1.3.1 release for Polis

# Release Changes

- Including Dash v12.3 fixes and upgrades.
- Fix dnsseeds address.
- Setup hardcoded seeds based on masternodes on protocol 70208 and livetime.
- Small fixes for DGW3
- Resetting testnet and change bip32 prefix for mainnet and base58 for testnet.
- Add Checkpoints.
- Bump Default Chain Work.
- Refactor masternode list and Governance Objects.
- Spork_6 and Spork_15 fixes.
- Bump protocol to 70210
- Recreate GUI icons, logos and splash.
- Cleanup old Dash themes.
- Disable PrivateSend RPC Calls and GUI.
- GUI: Governance List and QT Vote mechanism.

# Credits
Special thanks for the Polis Community and all those who believe on this project to push us to the right direction, the Dash Core Team and Dash contributors and the Bitcoin Core Developers.