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User comment(s) for version : v0.14.3rc1

TimestampUser NameWallet OwnerWorking WalletComment
2016-10-21 20:05:52 ishk1YesYesThis is a pre-release for Steem 0.14.3. This release includes bug fixes and a soft fork.

## Documentation changes
- Change structure and update content of documentation / #487
- Move list of seed nodes to its own file #487
- Update list of seed nodes #505

## Functionality changes
- Add new API calls get_discussions_by_blog(), get_discussions_by_comments()
- Add first_reblogged_by field to get_state reply
- Record both SBD and STEEM post payouts in author_reward_operation
- Add ability to mine to debug_node #519
- Expose get_dev_key() function analogous to the get_dev_key binary in debug_node_api #519

## Bugfixes
- Fix bug resulting in multicore mining attempting to mine the same nonces on each core #525
- Transactions downloaded from the network were not always verified when using checkpoints
- Softfork to forbid long account names in authorities #465
- Softfork to forbid using non-existing account names in authorities #465
- Update mining stats display to provide correct information for pow2 mining #282
- Fix bugs preventing creation of testnets #519
- Convert machine-length integer in chain state to fixed-length integer #485

## Architecture changes
- Various changes to how Dockerfiles build and run the code
- Remove some unused code #511
- Remove unused ENABLE_CONTENT_PATCHING compile-time constant #510
- Update for new internal API #506