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User comment(s) for version : v0.18.3

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2017-05-08 15:50:57 ishk1YesYes# Steem Simplicity 0.18.3 Release Notes

This release contains non-consensus bug fixes and optimizations and is optional.

## Reindexing

This release __does__ require a reindex from all previous versions.

## Changelog

- Building `steemd` now requires Boost 1.58-1.60 and gcc 4.9+. Ubuntu 14.04 is not compatible out of the box. Ubuntue 16.04 has all the required versions. Build instructions have been updated to reflect this change. We continue to recommend using one of our pre-built Docker images which works on all supported versions of Ubuntu and most modern operating systems. #980

- The Steem license has been updated to MIT. #1055

- The built in NTP client has been completely removed. All block producers must use `ntpd` to keep in sync with the network. #816

- All soft forking logic has been moved out of chain and into the witness plugin. #894

- Account bandwidth is now handled by the witness plugin. #894

- The witness plugin now has a custom operation called `enable_content_editing_operation` that allows a user to signal they want to edit their content. By consensus, content is editable indefinitely, but is soft forked to be frozen after payout. This operation requires an active key and is designed to prevent vandalism if a posting key is compromised. #1017

- `steemd` can run without having any plugins enabled by specifying `enabled_plugins = ` in the config. #1021

- impacted.cpp has been updated to correctly reflect what accounts are impacted. This will cause a retroactive reordering some account history upon reindex. #931

- The escrow commands in the wallet were implemented but were never reflected and thus inaccessible. The cli wallet can now issue escrow commands. #920

- The database_api call, `get_block` now returns the block ID, public signing key, and a list of transaction IDs like the cli wallet does. #187

- Fixed a bug in the ordering of `fixed_string` that resulting in some queries returning incomplete results. #951

- Fixed a bug in the account history plugin when specifying a range of accounts to track that resulted in accounts not being tracked that should have been #862

- The field children_rshares_2 is not needed by consensus and has been removed. #1027

- The category object is not needed by consensus. The behavior was usurped by the tags plugin a long time ago. It has been removed. This removed the following API calls `get_trending_categories` (`get_trending_tags` should have identical functionality), `get_best_categories`, `get_active_categories`, and `get_recent_categories`. #1032

- Additional assertions have been added to chainbase to fail safely when attempting to access an index that does not exist. #1024

- Improved the error message when an account runs out of bandwidth #1080

- Hardcoded reward_fund values from HF17 to remove need to recalculate them on reindex #1018

- Added extra locking to application.cpp to prevent race conditions. #1035

- Optimized evaluators by removing a redundant variable. #1023

- Removed unused sandbox directory, 'chain2' #1056

- Config constant `GRAPHENE_CURRENT_DB_VERSION` was not being used and has been deleted. #896