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2017-07-21 18:36:30 ishk1YesYes# Steem Equality 0.19.1 Release Notes

We recommend all witnesses, seed nodes, and anyone else running the witness plugin should update to `0.19.1`

## Reindexing

`0.19.1` requires reindexing from all previous versions.

# Overview

This is a soft release with miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements.

### Jinja2 Required for Building

We updated the plugin manifest build scripts and added Jinja2 as a dependency to our build process. See []( for platform specific instructions. Additionally, CMake 3.2 is required (up from 2.8.12).

### Smooth Bandwidth Algorithm

There were two big problems with the bandwidth algorithm. The first was an integer overflow that caused `max_virtual_bandwidth` to be calculated incorrectly. The second was a programmed behavior that caused bandwidth requirements to increase too rapidly for a small increase in traffic. We have implemented a new algorithm for how to calculate global bandwidth requirements that still protects the blockchain under extreme circumstances, but is less aggressive during small deviations from past behavior. Overall, this should improve the user experience when it comes to bandwidth rate limiting. #1257

### Check Memos

Transfers with the sender's private key information will be rejected with a soft fork. The error message recommends the sender change their keys in such an event. The CLI wallet does a similar check against the sender's keys and the keys in the wallet. #1181

### Fix Delegations in Account by Key Plugin

The Account by Key plugin now recognizes and tracks accounts that were created with delegation. The problem showed in the CLI wallet when accounts created with delegation could not be found by public key. #1194

### HF19 Cleanup

There were a number of temporary fields and objects that existed to help transition the blockchain through HF 19. Because those values are cryptographically locked in to the blockchain, we have replaced the temporary fields with constants. #1193

### Account History Filter

The Account History plugin now supports filtering ops with a mutually exclusive whitelist or blacklist. The config options are `history-whitelist-ops` and `history-blacklist-ops` respectively. #301

### Block Production Virtual Op

Block production now emits a virtual operation that is trackable in account history. #832

### Ignore 0% Interest Virtual Op

Interest virtual operations are now only emitted if there is a non-zero interest payment #1222

### Out of Memory Error Messages

When the free space on the memory mapped state file is less than 100 MB, an error message will be displayed every 10 blocks warning of the impending doom and current free space available. #1223

### Log Expiring Transactions

When transactions expire from the pending state, they will now be logged at the debug level #1215

### Increase p2p Cache Time

Increased the p2p cache time from 15 to 60 seconds #1242

### Update get_transaction Disable Message

On Steemit production nodes, we are not supporting the index to return transactions by ID. Previously, `get_transaction` failed silently by not returning a transaction. The call now returns an error message explaining that the API is disabled. #1213

### Remove Unused APIs

The following API calls were not in a usable state and we have no plans on supporting them, so they have been removed. `set_subscribe_callback` `set_pending_transaction_callback` `cancel_all_subscriptions` #1197