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User comment(s) for version : v0.11.0.10

TimestampUser NameWallet OwnerWorking WalletComment
2015-01-20 17:33:52 ishk1YesYesCollateral issues / Exact denoms / Disabled denoms

- When attempting to connect to a masternode for submission into the pool a recursive call to DoAutoDenominate was used. This could possibly take more than 1 minute to complete if it found a string of bad masternodes, in which case the correct masternode was overwritten and replaced with an invalid one. Upon submission, the DS TX was given to the incorrect node causing collateral to be charged.
- To fix this I've removed the recursion and added a critical section to DoAutoDenominate.
- Exact input denominations are matched in PrepareDarksendDenominate to remove the possibility of having change in the pool
- Removed disabled denominations, not needed anymore